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TYF 2018 Regular Season Schedule


The 2018 TYF schedule will be updated in mid-August & can be accessed from the Master Regular Season Schedule tab.


NEW FOR 2017


The TYFC has been realigned into 2 seperate divisions: American & National

Teams will play everyone in their division once during the regualr season. If the schedule permits there could/will be a cross-over game against a team from the other division. 

Week 8 (Seeding Week) will determine play-off teams. ONLY DIVISION GAMES COUNT TOWARDS SEEDING !!


9U - 12U: for example the #1 seed in the American will play the #4 seed in the National; etc. The winner goes to the TYFC Playoffs; the loser goes to the Orange Bowl. Seeds 5 & below in either division will be matched against like opponents for a final game in Week 8.

13U - the #1 seed plays the #8 seed, #2 plays #7, etc. The winner goes to the TYFC Playoffs & the loser goes to the Orange Bowl.

All games are played at the higher seeds home field. 

Teams will be re-seeded for the TYFC & Orange Bowl Playoffs.

8U is INSTRUCTIONAL:- no records will be kept. Week 8 games will be scheduled with all other levels after Week 7.

Thank you,

TYFC Executive Board